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Project LEEP: The Leadership
in Energy Efficiency Program

The Leadership in Energy Efficiency Program (LEEP) is part of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) Innovator Pilot Program. LEEP is managed by the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) to create a model for countywide energy management in Alameda County public schools.

LEEP is managed by the ACOE, an established government entity whose mission is to assist local school districts with a range of key functions, foremost of which are fiscal soundness, maintaining strong business systems, and ensuring the implementation of state and federal educational policies and legislation. Currently there is no direct link between state and federal policies on energy management and school districts. By serving as that bridge, LEEP will provide financially constrained local school districts access to a centralized resource for energy efficiency expertise and energy management assistance.

LEEP provides energy managers and support staff to:

  • develop facility energy use benchmarks for school districts in Alameda County
  • identify potential energy savings opportunities in participating districts
  • coordinate technical services including energy audits
  • provide guidance on financial incentives to facilitate energy audit implementation

For more information, visit the Project LEEP website at