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Piedmont Comes in Second at State Mock Trial

For the second time in five years, Piedmont High School has placed among the top finishers in the California Mock Trial Competition. At this year’s finals competition on March 30, Piedmont High narrowly lost to La Reina High School in Thousand Oaks (Ventura County). “We’re all thrilled, all really shocked,” Piedmont HS senior Alice Highman said in an interview with the Piedmont Post. “I don’t think any of us expected to get to the finals.” The last time an Alameda County school placed among the top was in 2003, when Piedmont High lost to Poly High School (Riverside County). However, in the past four years, Piedmont has earned a spot among the top six schools in California. Piedmont’s team is known for its strong showing at the county level and is often thought of as the team to beat. Piedmont High has won the Alameda County competition six of the past eight years, including this year's victory against Amador Valley. This year’s coach was Courtney Goen, a Social Studies teacher, who had assistance from attorney coach Louis Highman. “We were working on this so long – since September – and the hard work paid off," Goen told the Piedmont Post.