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Thunder Road Community School

Thunder Road Community School provides an academic program for boys and girls 14 to 18 years of age and is located in a residential treatment center which helps them cope with issues of substance abuse. Enrollment varies from four months to one year. Placement into the facility is by direct application to the Thunder Road Treatment Center or through sentencing by the Alameda County Juvenile Court.

The small school design allows for a collaborative teaching model: three instructors provide for required course offerings in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Special Education, and work closely with the Thunder Road support of the clinical staff through weekly briefings and shared activities. The teaching staff uses a variety of teaching methods, including instructional modules, combining treatment assignments in lessons, Character-Based Literacy thematic units and after-school wilderness excursions. In addition to providing for credits leading to graduation in the district programs where they eventually return, the community school provides options for completion of the California High School Proficiency Exam, GED, and through a half time special education instructor, instruction for any student identified as having an existing IEP or district 504 plan.

Intake and Assessment

The Thunder Road Community School Program incorporates many of the requirements required for enrollment for all county-operated schools in the admissions package presented to all student/clients entering the residential treatment program.

Documents Required Upon Entry

The school program is operated as any district program throughout the state, whereby parents and students alike are afforded information regarding program services and mandated assurances. All parents are provided a list of parent legal rights and student protections while in the school program.  Parents are requested to bring to the admissions office information that would assist the school department in determining an instructional program consistent with requirements leading to appropriate course placements. These include transcripts, immunization records, and IEP and/or 504 Plans. If these documents are not available, the site secretary will proceed with follow-up requests.

Further Assessments and Services

Upon enrollment, all students are given Renaissance Reading and Math assessments to determine grade level placements. Additionally a language survey is administered to those students who are second language learners. Once the student's home-district transcript is received, the instructor-in-charge provides an analysis to determine the appropriate credits needed for graduation and course placement.