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Camp Sweeney Academic Center

Camp Sweeney Education Center
2600 Fairmont Drive
San Leandro, CA 94578
510-667-7422 - Probation
510-670-7669 - ACOE

Camp Sweeney serves young men 14 to 18 years old, with an average age of 16. The period of detention is determined by the Juvenile Court and varies from one to nine months with an average stay of six to eight months. Courses are offered in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Career Education, and Computer Technology.

Completing General Education Development (GED) Requirements at Camp Sweeney

The GED test is a series of tests taking three days to complete. Each test covers the entire four year high school curriculum in each of the core subjects plus a writing example.

As of 2010 Camp Sweeney is staffed with highly qualified and credentialed teachers teaching special sections for GED students in each subject area. This means that the GED students receive special GED instruction from a teacher who has education and background experience in that subject area.

Camp Sweeney is equipped with a computerized testing program so that each teacher obtains an assessment of the students' strengths and weaknesses in each GED tested area and it also prescribes specific remediation for each student. With this additional assessment, teachers formulate an educational plan for each student based on data and best practices. As three quarters of the teachers now at Camp Sweeney are also credentialed Special Education teachers, they are able to use their education and experience in Special Education to assist students who are behind and help remediate students, not just teach to the test.

ACOE has and will continue to be committed to the GED program at Camp Sweeney and is constantly looking at student records and finding students who would benefit from our GED program and enrolling them as soon as they come to the Camp. We also are on the look out for those who, with a little extra effort, could complete their high school diploma and work with them to construct a plan for them to achieve this goal. With the GED program and the high school diploma program, Camp Sweeney has and will continue to help as many students as possible achieve an important step in redirecting their lives.