• CTE Program Online Payment Portal

    Online payment

    Online Payment Instructions for the Career Technical Education Program

    1. Go to ACOE's Portal at Heartland 

    2. Select "Career Technical Education (CTE) Payments".

    Heartland CTE Button

    4. Next for "Type/FOR/Cause" select Program Fee, Deposit, course name.

    Dropdown Menu Selections

    5. Enter the corresponding amount in the "Amount" field and then click "Pay." 

    Table of Fees  

    Amount section

    6. Complete the credit card information on the pages that follow. You will receive an email confirmation.


    Heartland Payment Services charges a 3% fee to process your payment which they refer to as a "convenience fee." This fee goes directly to Heartland Payment Services.

    The Heartland Payment System has security measures in place to ensure that there is a positive match between all information entered and the information on file with the bank that issues the card. If there are any discrepancies between the information entered and on file, the transaction will be declined.

    The Alameda County Office of Education's Career Technical Education Credentialing Program neither contacts Heartland to determine the cause of any declined transactions nor remediates issues related to them. In the event a transaction is declined, please review your information and re-enter it or try another credit card. Thank you.