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    For nearly twenty years, ACOE has been providing strategies and practices for K-12 educators in both in-school and after school/expanded learning spaces to engage students more deeply, and improve their understanding and achievement across disciplines and in all subject areas through intentional arts learning and integration.


    With the recent COVID-19 pandemic putting new stresses on school districts, county offices of education need to be more flexible in meeting districts where they are but also in being responsive to the pivots they must take amid the pandemic. ACOE’s 18 school districts along with its court and community schools are looking to the county office to provide support around distance and blended learning for the 2020-21 school year. With the recent approved guidance and release of the CA Arts Education Standards and Framework, ACOE is also being looked to to provide support for implementing these new standards in a variety of circumstances.


    Arts Learning Community of Practice 2020-2021

    In order to better serve Alameda County districts in increasing and enhancing their arts learning needs, ACOE is launching a new community of practice. This network will assist educators and leaders in reflecting on their arts education strategies through community building and design of purposeful opportunities that matter in students' lives and communities. We see arts learning as a way to draw upon the interests, talents, and creativity of every child and teacher, building the skills, confidence and motivation to persist through challenges, as fully present "solution-aries" for the complex social, economic and environmental issues that concern and worry us all.

    AREAS OF FOCUS TO INCLUDE: New CA Arts Standards & Frameworks / Social & Emotional Learning & the Arts / Promising Practices in Arts Disciplines / Anti Racist Education & Arts Learning / Art-Centered Literacy Strategies / Integrated Thinking and Learning

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    Derek Fenner

    Arts Learning Program Manager | 510-670-7730

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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