Tips for Parents & Family Members

    Distance Learning Tips for Parents and Family Members

    The Three R's: Routines, Relationships, Resiliency

    Routines: Help your child set up and stick to a daily schedule that includes class and homework time, breaks, and other activities.

    Relationships: Build, strengthen, and help to sustain healthy relationships in the family, with teachers, and others who interact with your child daily.

    Resiliency: Recognize small accomplishments and help children understand that failure is a part of the learning process.

    How to Support Distance Learners

    Clear Expectations: Ensure your child understands what they are meant to be doing before they begin. Clearly outline the actions you want to see.

    Choices: Offer your child options in how they complete work. Empower them to make choices, such as ordering tasks, and selecting where to work.

    Positive Feedback: Offer your child positive, specific feedback on their work and their effort, such as: "Great job using new vocabulary words in your story!”

    Time to Think: Students benefit from time to process a question. While it might be tempting to jump in with an explanation or help, students benefit from having space to think.