ACOE Arts Learning Communities of Practice

  • Two arts learning communities of practice (CoP) began meeting in September, 2020:

    1. A CoP for ACOE district leaders and educators that meets monthly, and,
    2. A CoP for arts education leaders and educators from the Bay Area and beyond that meets 3 times a year.\

    These CoPs will meet in order to better serve school districts in increasing and enhancing their arts learning needs. This network will assist educators and leaders in reflecting on their arts education strategies through community building and design of purposeful opportunities that matter in students' lives and communities. We see arts learning as a way to draw upon the interests, talents, and creativity of every child and teacher, building the skills, confidence and motivation to persist through challenges, as fully present "solution-aries" for the complex social, economic and environmental issues that concern and worry us all.


    Below you will find a flyer for the CoPs as well as an archive of slide decks and resources shared at these gatherings.


    If you have any questions about these communities, contact, Derek Fenner, Arts Learning Program Manager,


Flyer for Arts Learning Communities of Practice

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Arts Learnig Community of Practice for ACOE District/Site Leaders & Educators Slide Decks

Arts Learnig Community of Practice for the Bay Area & Beyond Slide Decks