ACOE Authorized Charter Schools Policies & Procedures Manual 2022-2023

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  • Material Revisions for Authorized Charter Schools

    Material revisions for authorized charter schools are governed by the charter school's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) approved by the Alameda County Board of Education (ACBOE) and charter school. Each charter school's MOU outlines requirements for material revisions. Authorized charter schools shall refer to Section 23: Material Revisions to Charter of their MOU to determine the need for a material revision request.

    ​​​​At the charter school's request, the ACBOE may authorize material revisions to the original charter petition. Prior to submission to the ACBOE for determination, the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) staff receive and review the material revision submissions from ACBOE authorized charter schools. Charter schools should consult with ACOE staff regarding any proposed changes.

    Material Revisions Process

  • New Charter Petitions

    Dependent charter schools, independent charter schools, and countywide benefit charter schools may choose to submit a charter petition directly​​​ to the Alameda County Board of Education (ACBOE).  The links below offer charter school governing boards, administrators, staff, and the public a clear understanding of the process for submitting a new petition, including the requirements for submission and insight for the review process.

    New Charter Petitions Process

  • Charter Petition Appeals

    A charter school whose petition was previously denied by the governing board of a school district within Alameda County has the option to submit the petition for the establishment of a charter school to the Alameda County Board of Education (ACBOE) within 30 days of a denial by the governing board of the school district. The links below provide a guide to charters appealing to the ACBOE and provide the public with a clear understanding of the process for submitting a charter petition appeal to ACOE.

    Charter Petition Appeals Process