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    Our science team provides professional development opportunities to educators across the county to ensure that students are equipped with skills to attain high levels of science achievement across content areas.

    Current Workshops and Professional Learning 

    Integrating to Support Science for ALL!


    Integrating to Support Science for ALL!  is a 5-part series designed to have teachers experience, analyze and create arcs of learning that integrate the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with English Language Arts (ELA), English Language  Development (ELD), Math, Social Studies and Art in order to utilize time in a more productive way.Word on the street is that, one of the top reasons why science is not taught in elementary school is time. With all of the standards our elementary teachers are responsible for teaching, some struggle with getting to everything.  In this series, teachers and their instructional coaches will have the opportunity to bring in their district-supported curriculum, discuss supplementary materials and collaborate with grade-level peers.  Registration is still open. Click here to register!

    Science for All!

    Past Workshops and Professional Learning 

    Elementary Vaccine Lessons

    This workshop provides the resources teachers need to teach about COVID-19 and vaccines. Participants learn about hands-on activities developed for young children to make sense of the science surrounding COVID. Teaching these lessons will help keep your community healthy. Click here for resources

    Inclusive Science Community

    This session is designed to support K-12 teachers to establish a classroom culture inclusive of all learners. Participants will experience how connecting Next Generation Science and Social Justice Standards promote inclusivity. At the end of the series, participants will develop a strategic plan to implement in their own teaching. Click here for resources

    Science Community of Practice

    This monthly Community of Practice builds content expertise and supports the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards in a virtual setting. These sessions: provide regional and state updates, explore best  practices, explore high-quality resources and so much more. Click her fore resources


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