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    A Video Message from L. Karen Monroe,
    Alameda County Superintendent of Schools

  • L. Karen Monroe, Superintendent of Schools

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    The Superintendent of Alameda County Schools works to ensure that every student benefits from a quality education, no matter what their social condition may indicate about their chances for success. She is the chief administrator for the County Office of Education and operates educational programs for students not served by district schools, including justice-involved, pregnant and parenting, foster and homeless youth, as well as infants with special needs.

    While many policies regarding school districts are made at the local level by elected school boards, policy areas regarding the fiscal health and basic educational standards of districts require oversight by the County Superintendent. The Superintendent also provides support and guidance for the school district operations in Alameda County including training and support services.

    The County Superintendent also leads initiatives that enhance student academic achievement, such as promoting quality preschools and integrating arts education into the comprehensive school curriculum.

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