• Thunder Road Community School

    Thunder Road provides an academic program for boys and girls ages 14 to 18 within a residential substance abuse treatment center in Oakland. Our small school uses a collaborative teaching model and supports individual student learning needs in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and special education.

    Our teachers work closely with clinical staff through weekly briefings and shared activities to support student success. We use a variety of teaching methods including online curriculum and Character-Based Literacy units.

    Students who attend Thunder Road earn credits toward high school graduation with Alameda County Office of Education or in the district programs where they eventually return. Options to complete the GED are also provided. Thunder Road Community School also provides special education instruction and assistance for any student with an existing Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or district 504 plan.

    Intake and Assessment

    The Thunder Road Community School Program incorporates many of the requirements for enrollment for all county-operated schools.

    Documents Required Upon Entry

    Parents and guardians should complete the admissions package (presented to all student/clients entering the residential treatment program) and bring information that could assist us in determine appropriate course placements. Helpful documents include: school transcripts, immunization records, and IEP and/or 504 Plans.

    If these documents are not available, the site secretary will proceed with follow-up requests to the appropriate districts/ agencies

    Further Assessments and Services

    Upon enrollment, all students are given NWEA MAP and Math assessments to determine grade level placements. A language survey is administered to students who are second language learners. Once the student's home-district transcript is received, we will create an Individual Learning Plan to determine the appropriate credits needed for graduation and course placement.

    All parents are provided a list of parent legal rights and student protections while in the school program.


    Enrollment varies from four months to one year. Placement into the facility is by direct application to the Thunder Road Treatment Center or through sentencing by the Alameda County Juvenile Court.

  • Thunder Road

    390 40th St.
    Oakland, CA 94609
    Fax 510-428-0953


    Carolyn Hobbs, Principal

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