• Board Committees

    Budget Committee

    Budget Committee Meeting Schedule and Agendas

    The Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing ACOE's annual budget reports along with providing information and guidance to the Board during the process of budget adoption.

    • Ken Berrick, Chair
    • Yvonne Cerrato, Vice Chair
    • Fred Sims, Member

    Policy and Legislation Committee

    Policy and Legislation Committee Schedule & Agendas

    The Policy and Legislation Committee reviews and recommends Board policies and positions on legislation pertinent to education.

    • Joaquin Rivera, Chair
    • Amber Childress, Vice Chair

    Facilities Committee

    Facilities Committee Schedule and Agendas

    The Facilities committee provides research, guidance and recommendations to assure safe and appropriate facilities for every student and employee of ACOE.

    • Aisha Knowles, Chair
    • Ken Berrick, Member
    • Amber Childress, Member

    Interagency Representative

    Works collaboratively with agencies across the county, such as Alameda County Board of Supervisors and Alameda County Probation.

    • Ken Berrick, Chair

    Arts and Special Events Advisor

    Works with ACOE staff to support the design of board materials and spaces with emphasis on art integration and assits with coordination of special events.

    • Yvonne Cerrato, Chair

    Countywide Events and Charter Schools Advisor

    Reports on upcoming activities of AC schools and ACBE-authorized charter schools throughout the County.

    • Aisha Knowles, Chair

    Statewide Associations Advisor

    Reports on upcoming and recent actions, issues and activities of statewide and county education associations.

    • Joaquin Rivera, Chair