• Williams Legislation Oversight

    The Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) Williams Team monitors schools identified by the California Department of Education for instructional materials, facilities, School Accountability Report Cards, Teacher Misassignments, and Complaint Procedures in accordance with Ed. Code § 1240, subdivision (I).

    The CDE list of schools identified 124 schools in Alameda County eligible for Williams monitoring in 2022-23.

    Williams Settlement Summary

    The Williams Settlement Legislation stems from a class-action lawsuit, Williams v. State of California, enacted into law in September 2004. As a result of the settlement, California legislators passed five pieces of legislation to ensure all students have access to the following:

    • Standards-aligned textbooks and instructional materials
    • Qualified teachers who are appropriately certificated and assigned
    • Facilities that are clean, safe, and in good repair
    • Accurate reporting on the School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
    • Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) to provide guidance on how to file alleged violations

    ACOE Williams Monitoring and Annual Reports

    The ACOE Williams Monitoring team helps prepare and guide Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in Williams compliance by training district, charter management organization, and school site administrators in preparation for annual Williams "validation visits" in August and September.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Conducting annual visits to schools during the first four weeks of class
    • Determining whether all students have sufficient access to instructional materials in all core subject areas
    • Ensuring that school facilities are maintained in "good repair" and that buildings and grounds are safe, clean and functional
    • Verifying the accuracy of School Accountability Report Cards relevant to instructional materials, facilities, and teacher credentialing
    • Ensuring the school has posted the district's Uniform Complaint Procedures or adheres to the charter school's mandatory complaint procedure requirements, and that district quarterly UCP reports are submitted

    ACOE is required to publish annual reports on the results of the school site “validation visits” conducted under the Williams legislation:


    Filing a Complaint
  • Contact Williams Legislation Staff

    anika patterson Anika Patterson
    Director, Strategic District and School Support
    (510) 670-4171
    sierra falcon Sierra Falcon
    Project Director,
    Accountability Partnerships
    (510) 670-4557
    Alma Carino   Alma Carino
    Project Director,
    School Performance Framework
    (510) 670-4252
    Yosaira Espinoza Yosaira Espinoza
    Program Manager,
    District & School Support
    (510) 670-4542
    Phillip Owens Phillip Owens
    Administrative Assistant
    (510) 670-4236
    karen mitchell Karen Mitchell
    Administrative Assistant
    (510) 670-4212


  • School District Complaints & Appeals

    By statute, the Alameda County Office of Education does not handle school district complaints and appeals. If you would like to file a complaint, please contact your school district and follow their UCP complaint procedures. If you need further assistance regarding a school district complaint, please see the links below from CDE: