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    P.A.T.H. provides career pipelines and talent development in service of a skilled, diverse, and stable workforce in our districts and county that mirrors our communities. We target specific staffing gaps disproportionately affecting our focal students and not currently addressed through local programming.





    If you would like to speak with someone about your education career interests and what you may qualify for, sign up for a 15-minute phone consultation.

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    Aspiring Teachers Program

    Interested in a career path headed towards being a teacher, a counselor, a community health worker, a wellness coach, an early educator, or a paraeducator?


    Substitute Pipeline

    The Pipeline to Increase Community Teachers program (PICT) is designed to provide the Oakland Unified School District  with qualified substitutes that are familiar with the community in which they work.

    Teacher Residency

    Builds a pipeline of local educators that serve the community they live in



    Teacher Intern Program

    ACOE’s  Teacher Internship Program  is a  2-year program is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to get their teaching credential and a Masters of Art in Teaching degree while they work in their own classroom.


    Teacher Induction Program

    ACOE's Teacher Induction Program provides teachers new to the profession with regular coaching support to develop best instructional practices and clear their credential.  

    Career Technical Education Credential

    ACOE's Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved all online Clear CTE credentialing program.


    Administrative Services Credential

    Prepares the next generation of educational leaders to tackle the dynamic challenges that exist in the current educational landscape.


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