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    Advancement in Leadership

    ACOE offers a newly-revised clear administrative services credential program called the Clear Path for the Advancement in Leadership (CPAL). This program provides first and second year school and district leaders with foundational equity leadership development to support a long and impactful career in educational leadership. We intend for all CPAL-trained leaders to be prepared to lead equity transformation in schools and departments. Key features of the newly redesigned program include:

    • Low cost to the leader: $2500 for the two-year program
    • Focused development on 11 Essential Equity Leadership Practices
    • Premium quality monthly professional development
    • Personalized, in-person coaching every other week
    • 360° feedback on leadership

    This program is intended for leaders who currently possess a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or an Administrative Services Certificate of Eligibility. Applicants must also be currently employed or have accepted a position in a school district in Alameda County necessitating an administrative credential.

  • Coaching

    Candidate Benefits

    • Two years of bi-monthly coaching and support
    • Alignment with the work you are already doing
    • Participation in a cohort and network of other Alameda County leaders
    • Completion of the Clear Administrative Services Credential requirements


    District Benefits

    • Alignment with district needs
    • Partnership with ACOE to support your leaders
    • Candidate’s commitment to work in districts in the Bay Area in need of support for the duration of the two-year program



    State Requirements

    • Possess either a Preliminary Administrative Credential or Certificate of Eligibility
    • Verification of employment in an administrative position for 2024-2025 school year

    Program Requirements

    • Strong cultural humility and competency
    • Commitment to work in districts in the Bay Area in need of support for the duration of the two-year program


    Cost of Program

    The tuition, which includes 40 hours of one-on-one coaching per year, is $1,250 per year. The total cost to the leader of the two-year program is $2500. 






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