• Title VI: Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Education

    In 1996, the Native American Community in the East Bay created the Bay Area American Indian Council (BAAIC), also known as the Indigenous Nations Child and Family Agency (INCFA). This non-profit organization serves Native Americans in 11 California counties. INCFA also runs an expanded learning program and cultural events as part of a consortium in partnership with Alameda County Office of Education, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo Unified School Districts.

    A dedicated team of professional social workers, therapists, cultural mentors, and educators aims to provide the highest quality services for Native American children and families by giving them the strength to face the challenges and encouraging them to embrace their traditional values and spiritual beliefs. INCFA aims to unify Native American people by providing them with:

    • An education support program
    • Child therapeutic services
    • Native American cultural enrichment events
    • Collaborative partnerships with other Native American services

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)  amends the education programs in the Office of Indian Education (OIE) as Title VI, Part A. This federal legislation ensures that American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native students are able to meet rigorous state academic content and standards in culturally relevant and respectful ways. 

  • District Contacts

    akilah byrd   Akilah Byrd
    Director I,
    Region 4 Expanded Learning Programs
    (510) 670-4139

    San Leandro Contact

    James Parrish
    San Leandro
    Unified School District
    Director of Family & Student Support Services
    (510) 667-6226

    San Lorenzo Contact

    Dr. Ammar Saheli
    San Lorenzo
    Unified School District
    Director Student Support Services
    (510) 317-4762

    Hayward Contact

    Veronica Ortiz
    Hayward Unified School District
    College & Career Coordinator
    (510) 784-2600 Ex: 72748


    Bay Area American Indian Council (BAAIC) Contacts

    Nancy Whitney
    Executive Director BAAIC
    (510) 667-6950

    Martha Hasal
    Indian Education Program Coordinator
    (510) 302-5327