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  • 5.17.2022 - Every home in the U.S. is now eligible to order a 3rd round of 8 additional free at-home, rapid COVID-19 tests. Getting tested, along with vaccinations and masking, help us reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19 and its variants.

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    Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

    Residential households in the U.S. are now eligible for another order of free at-home tests on Here's what you need to know about your order:

    • Each order now includes #8 rapid antigen COVID-19 tests (FDA has more details about at-home tests, including extended shelf life and updated expiration dates: Authorized At-Home Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests)
    • Your order of #8 tests will come in #2 separate packages (#4 tests in each package), each with its own tracking number
    • Packages will ship free

    Get free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests