Step 1

    See if you qualify and get to know our program.

    Read this Commission on Teacher Credentialing document to determine if you qualify for the Preliminary CTE credential. When you apply you will need to provide proof of high school graduation and industry work experience.

    Please see our Program Overview for general information about CTE and our program.
    If you have questions, please contact us at cte@acoe.org

     Magnifying Glass Here are some important facts to know about the work experience requirements. 

    • The CTE credential is intended for individuals who have work experience in one of the 15 CTE Industry Sectors.

    • The work can be full-time, part-time, for an employer, volunteering, self-employment, and avocational (hobby).

    • At least one year full-time or 1,000 hours part-time of the required work experience must be within the last five years, or two years full-time or 2,000 part-time hours within the last ten years.

    • This work must be actual work in the industry–not teaching.

    • There is also an overall 3-year work experience requirement. Once the recent work requirement has been met, the following may count towards the overall 3-year requirement:

      • Industry-related work experience more than 10 years ago
      • Industry-related post-secondary units (up to 2 years; 48 units = 2 years)
      • Either, one year of full-time general education teaching experience providing instructional services in preschool or grades K-12 earned in a public or private school of equivalent status (counts as 1 year), or
      • An advanced industry certificate (may count up to 2 years)

    • If your work experience occurred more than 10 years ago or if you are applying for the Education, Child Development, and Family Services authorization, please contact our office for more information.

    Please see our Program Overview for more information about CTE and our program.

    If you have questions, please contact us at cte@acoe.org


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