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    Civic Learning Collaborative 

    The Alameda County Civic Learning Collaborative (CLC) is a partnership of the Alameda County Superior Courts, the Alameda County Bar Association, and the Alameda County Office of Education (on behalf of the county's 18 school districts) dedicated to supporting civic readiness.   The CLC convenes, promotes and supports meaningful, relevant civic learning opportunities for young people across Alameda County.  

    The CLC was officially launched with a well-attended Kick-off session on March 16 which included a keynote by Superintendent Monroe, a panel discussion on Civics, and presentations on implementing the State Seal of Civic Engagement (including one by High School Students from Hayward and Pleasanton).  Here is a link to the resources shared during the Kickoff. 








    Featured Program: Judges and Attorneys in the Classroom 

    History Teachers: Have you ever wondered what it would be like for you and your students to interact directly with senior Attorneys and Superior Court Judges, around relevant content?   The Alameda County Bar Association, in collaboration with the Courts, has developed an easy way to do just that.  Teachers simply choose from a menu of topics, and indicate a preferred date and time, and pairs of Attorneys and Judges join the class via zoom (ideally in person in the near future) for a 30-50 minute session.  Topics include: 

    • How to become a judge/attorney
    • Intro to voting and the electoral college
    • The three branches of government + the Fourth Estate
    • Right to protest and civil disobedience
    • 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment
    • Bill of Rights

    Teachers who have taken advantage of this opportunity report that they and their students find the experience stimulating and enriching. Sign up today! 

    Why Civic Readiness? Why Now?

    Although civic readiness has long been seen as central to a functioning democracy, events of the past few years laid bare the urgent need for young people to be more equipped than ever with the civic knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to navigate our increasingly complex, tumultuous socio-political landscape, and to actively contribute to making the world a better place.  While public schools have long been expected to shoulder that responsibility, the Civic Learning Collaborative recognizes that schools, still grappling with the effects of a pandemic, are a bit, shall we say, busy--and thus need all the support they can get!   

    WATCH: USC Dean of Education Pedro Noguera on "How Educators can Revitalize Civics"

    LISTEN:  Ever wonder what the Supreme Court justices are like, and how they think? -->LISTEN: Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Mississippi abortion law

    Civic Engagement Resources

    Civic Engagement: Voting! 

    There are several great opportunities for schools in Alameda County to engage students in civic learning activities specifically related to voting.  



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