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City Speaks: DiverCity

  • Our cities in Alameda County are filled with a range of diverse cultures, languages, and identities. Alameda County Office of Education is hosting a virtual art showcase encouraging students in grades PK-12 to explore that diversity, and demonstrate how it speaks to them and the world around us through the arts. Students can submit artwork from the 2021-22 school year that fits this theme, and explained in their artist statement.

Showcase Winners: Achievement in the Arts


    Anabelle Leon Hernandez
    First Grade
    Schaffer Park Elementary
    Artwork Title: Si Se Puede!
    Medium: Watercolors, Crayons, Markers
    Si Se Puede Aprender! Yes We Can Learn!



    Alyssa Wu
    Ninth Grade
    Amador Valley High School 
    Artwork Title: Red Scarf
    Medium: Watercolors, Crayons, Markers
    Statement: My artwork depicts a series of women from different backgrounds, all led along the same winding scarf. The women, drawn in watercolor and colored pencil on a watercolor backdrop are adorned in different clothing and appear distinct. I attempted to draw a contrasting background that is a blend of multiple colors in order to make the red scarf appear more vibrant. I used both watercolor and colored pencil to shade the faces of the women and used colored pencil to sketch the details of their accessories. I learned through the making of this piece how to mix and put different types of media to use. I feel that regardless of race, gender, or anything that pushes us apart, the very path of life, with its turns and twists pushes us together regardless of any differences. Through this piece, I tried to show the different cultures and identities of different people but also show that regardless of that they are still heading in the same direction. In school, I meet lots of different people including peers, teachers, and volunteers. However, when I talk to them, many of us share the same goals and thoughts on life. I hope to show that compared to the greater idea and purpose of life none of the little differences matter. I would like to imagine that no matter what the red scarf goes on, and within and amongst each fold and wrinkle is another life, another story. 



    Mayukha Sanjog
    First Grade
    Warwick Elementary
    Artwork TItle: Everyone Rocks Different
    Medium: Pencils, Colored Pencils
    Statement: The title of my artwork is ‘EVERYONE ROCKS DIFFERENT! My artwork looks like a rock band. Everyone should come together to rock the band. If someone is missing from the band then they can’t rock. I used pencil and color pencils on a paper to draw. Everyone is excited and proud to come together and rock. My goal is to enjoy and have fun drawing. I had fun while drawing this picture. I learned that it is fun to come together and rock. The final artwork is better than what I imagined. I will keep drawing more pictures and bring my ideas of everyone coming together as a group and having fun.



    Juana Sanjog
    First Grade
    Warwick Elementary
    Artwork TItle: Unity in Diversity
    Medium: Pencils, Colored Pencils
    Statement: The title of my artwork is ‘’UNITY IN DIVERSITY “. My artwork looks like a circle of kids holding their hands around the earth. Everyone should come together to help each other. I used pencil and color pencils on a paper to draw. Everyone is happy and proud to come together and have fun. My goal is to help others in drawing. I had fun with family while drawing this picture. I learned that everyone is different in their own way and it is fun to share different ideas. The final artwork is really great and I am happy about it. I will keep drawing with my friends and will have fun. 



    Amélie  Leon Hernandez
    Fourth Grade
    Schaffer Park Elementary
    Artwork TItle: Bilingualism is Beautiful!/¡Bilingüismo es bello!
    Medium: Media Arts (video, digital photography, graphic design, etc.)
    Statement: Bilingualism is an important part of my life coming from a household that speaks Spanish and English and how I can better communicate with my family members and at school.



    Ruchita Verma
    Eleventh Grade
    Mt. Eden High School
    Title: Community in Diversity
    Medium: Dance
    Statement: D.A.N.C.E: Diversity Altogether is Necessary Community Engagement! Elements of various dance styles such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and contemporary-fusion were used in this creation. This was inspired by my passion and advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Diversity holds a special place in my heart. Diversity is much more than our differences. Diversity is accepting ourselves and each other’s authentic selves. It’s about honoring each other’s culture and humanity. Diversity creates a safe space for one to explore and take up space in the community as the best version of themselves. My artwork expresses advocacy of social issues such as the importance of inclusivity of people from all walks of life. Dancing with people from all over the world, I was able to put together stories that highlight the importance of human life, non-binary children, and the voices of people marginalized in society who often aren’t highlighted on mainstream media. My goal for this piece of art is to bring awareness to the importance of coming together as a community to acknowledge each other and truly see each other. We all deserve to take up space. The world is lucky to have you in it and since there’s only one you, we should celebrate your uniqueness! Diversity, in our city, is what makes it so beautiful. We get to learn about each other and get to engage in new experiences. Diversity paves way for curiosity. This dance collection features some of the most incredible humans I’ve met at some of the most diverse places! We are stronger together and are braver when alone because of diversity. After all, diversity is community. I chose dance as my vessel because dance is used to share stories and communicate with each other about our experiences. Dance would not be DanCe without Diversity and Community! Sending so much love to everyone reading this! You make this world a better place just by being in it :) 




    Callie Tao
    First Grade
    Fairlands Elementary
    Artwork TItle: Eye Diversity
    Medium: Marker
    Statement: Different kinds of people have different kinds of eyes. The heart means the world must treat others respectfully. The word "Peace" means the world must have no fighting or argument.



    Nehal Verma
    Eighth Grade
    Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
    Artwork TItle: I See You
    Medium: Digital Art 
    Statement: My artwork is a representation of diversity through one’s eye. I brought my artwork to life by using my iPad, Apple Pencil, and a digital art software called Procreate. I used techniques such as shading and blending. My drawing represents truly seeing people for their hearts. When we look at people, we see their skin color and are quick to notice what’s different. My art challenges this stigma in society by encouraging people to open their eyes and see that we are humans first, more alike than different, and are people who make our community a better place. A better place through diversity. My older sister inspired me to think outside of the box and I wanted to create something meaningful. My goal for this piece of art is to express, capture, and share diversity in a different light. Through creating this, I learned the importance of diversity in our community. Overall, I’m really proud of how my piece turned out. After all, it has opened my eyes and I hope it opens yours as well. Thank you. 



    Aleenah Garcia
    Eighth Grade
    King Middle School
    Artwork TItle:
    True Love
    Medium: Paint
    Statement: Day of the Dead


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