• Teacher of the Year 2022


    Matt Campbell

    Alameda COE
    Butler Academic Center
    7th-12th Grade Physical Education, History, English, Art

    Matt Campbell has been teaching for 30 years and in his current role for 14. Working with incarcerated students, he brings the outside world to his students so they can envision a brighter future for themselves and be better prepared for success upon release. Campbell is also known to hold his students accountable and those who “buy-in” do very well and often accomplish more than they thought possible. He often gives up his prep period to help failing students catch up on credits.


    Veronica Rylander

    Alameda USD
    Lincoln Middle School
    6th-8th Grade Drama, English, Social Science

    Veronica Rylander has been teaching for nine years, initially as a special education teacher before transitioning to her current subjects. She reinvigorated the school’s drama program, has proven her effectiveness as a core teacher and is a leader who talks with staff about inclusivity. Rylander recently led a training on teaching Reconstruction and helped the district develop anti-racist curriculum.


    Nancy Galloway

    Castro Valley USD
    Jensen Ranch Elementary
    1st-5th Grade Physical Education

    Nancy Galloway has been a teacher for 35 years, following in the footsteps of five family members who also were in the profession. She prioritizes the formation of positive relationships in order to facilitate learning. Galloway believes her job is to give each of her students the skills, knowledge and dispositions necessary to be lifelong healthy movers. She is a teacher leader in the CA Physical Education - Health Project where she contributes to the professional growth of PE teachers across the state.


    Ramany Kaplan

    Dublin USD
    Dublin High School
    9th-12th Grade English, Deconstructing Race

    Ramany Kaplan has been in the education field for 15 years and at the head of a classroom for nearly eight. She strives to build a welcoming environment where her students can be their authentic selves, which allows for truly engaged learning. Kaplan is the school’s Freshmen Mentor Program Advisor, helping these youngsters acclimate to a large campus. A first generation Cambodian-American, Kaplan’s career path was inspired by tutoring college students who spoke little to no English.


    Daniel Pareja

    Eden Area ROP
    11th-12th Grade Auto Collision and Refinishing

    Daniel Pareja has been teaching and in his current role for 12 years. He grew up in the same neighborhoods as his students and had the same opportunities as them with the only differences being time and experience. Pareja has worked in the automotive field his entire life and knew teaching was his calling when the opportunity presented itself and is emboldened by the fact he is able to help at-risk youth find hope, inspiration and, ultimately, their purpose.


    Illona Rhodes

    Emery USD
    Anna Yates Elemenentary
    TK-3rd Grade Special Education

    Illona Rhodes has been teaching for 34 years. She holds high expectations of all her students and is careful not to compare them to the child next to them. Rhodes’ goal for all special education students is to set and meet their academic and behavioral goals. She listens to children and parents’ hopes and works together to realize them. Rhodes hopes to be a trusted ally to all.



    Christy Taylor

    Fremont USD
    Cabrillo Elementary

    Christy Taylor has been a teacher for 25 years in elementary and special education classrooms, and has worked for Fremont Unified since 2009. She aims to make her classroom one of the happiest places on earth for her young students. Taylor, who taught classes for her siblings when she was just eight, became a teacher because she loves inspiring wonder and the delight of learning and has a teaching goal to create curious, connected, lifelong learners..


    Sarah Reavis

    Hayward USD
    Eden Gardens Elementary
    K-6th Grade Special Education Resource Specialist

    Sarah Reavis has been a teacher for eight years and designs her classroom to meet the social and emotional requirements of her special needs students. Her mission is to do what is within her power to change our school system’s design to be more inclusive. Reavis’ classroom is a safe place where it is ok to not be ok. Her students are partners in their education where they should see themselves embedded within the lesson materials with which they are being taught.


    Jeanne Gellerman

    Livermore USD
    Arroyo Seco Elementary
    4th Grade

    Jeanne Gellerman has been teaching for 26 years and has been at her current school for 20. She is passionate that every child that walks through her door deserves to be educated to the best of her ability. Gellerman learns each student’s strengths, what they enjoy, how they learn best and in what areas they need support and focuses on these things to engage them as learners. By the end of the school year, students become like family to her.


    Jonathan Sabangan

    Mission Valley ROP
    Newark Memorial
    10th-12th Grade Business and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Entertainment Marketing

    Jonathan Sabangan has been teaching for nine years and his ideal day is when he challenges his students to critically think about real-world situations and engage in classroom discussion. Sabangan relishes when students learn to think analytically and apply that when considering career paths and future academic journeys. At the end of each semester, he invites industry professionals to conduct mock interviews and sales pitches. He also is the advisor for several clubs on campus.


    Shaun Fuller

    Newark USD
    Musick Elementary
    4th Grade

    Shaun Fuller taught grades 3-6 for 16 years, and, with his prior elementary school closing at the end of last school year, he is now teaching Math and Science at Newark Junior High School. His focus is on addressing not only the academic needs of students, but also their social education and character development as well. It especially brings him great joy when he can assist a young learner in overcoming their math anxieties, and their general life stressors.


    Michelle Chu

    Oakland USD
    Lockwood STEAM Academy
    Transitional Kindergarten

    Michelle Chu is in her 22nd year of teaching and is thrilled she gets to spend her days with the most important people in the world, which are children beginning their foundation in education and in life. She enjoys seeing their accomplishments, physically, socially, emotionally and academically. Chu is currently the grade level team leader, Kinder transition lead teacher and is training to be a literacy tutor coach while previously serving as GATE coordinator, lead science teacher and teacher in charge.


    Shartresa Nixon

    Oakland USD
    United for Success Academy
    6th-8th Grade Reading Intervention, Literacy, AVID

    Shartresa Nixon teaches middle school and says there are no boring days ever. Her students force her to be creative and to continually think of, and try, new things because what worked last year won’t necessarily work this year. Nixon co-founded the school’s Black Student Union to create both intellectually rigorous and emotionally safe spaces for students. She takes a warm demeanor and culturally responsive stance with all students.


    Floresa Vaughn

    Oakland USD
    McClymonds High School
    9th-12th Grade Math

    Floresa Vaughn loves being able to be present and immersed in the community where she grew up and from where she graduated. She affirms that it’s beneficial for students to see somebody who looks like them, to be able to connect with someone who is from where they’re from, and has a similar background story. Vaughn believes that her job is to help students be able to learn in a way that works for them. She loves working in OUSD and has no interest in teaching anywhere else.


    Arick Little

    Pleasanton USD
    Pleasanton Virtual Academy
    6th-12th Grade Math

    Arick Little has been teaching math within PUSD for 33 years. When the pandemic hit, he provided professional development in remote learning to over 600 teachers at once. He believes students can thrive in an environment that offers flexible scheduling, multiple pathways to learning, and a variety of ways for them to show what they know. Little coaches a team of Math Olympiad mathletes who share a genuine desire to explore more.


    Sean Cavanaugh

    San Leandro USD
    Halkin Elementary School
    3rd Grade

    Sean Cavanaugh has been teaching at the same school for 27 years, during which time he has established that the most important part of teaching is building relationships with his students. His classroom morning routine centers around the Community Circle, which provides a space for students to explore and grow together in a social-emotional way. Cavanaugh regularly takes his students on field trips, encouraging them to look beyond the walls of the classroom and into the real world.


    Julie Wolfe

    San Lorenzo USD
    Grant Elementary
    4th Grade

    Julie Wolfe has taught in San Lorenzo for 24 years and been in her current role for 11 years. She has helped connect her students and their families with whatever they need from glasses, clothing and food to resources for shelter and healthcare. In addition to being a tireless advocate for social justice, racial equity and community building, Wolfe also spearheaded the renovation of the school’s outdoor space into a teaching garden..


    Fabiola Salceda

    Tri-Valley ROP
    Foothill High School
    11th-12th Grade Developmental Psychology of Children

    Fabiola Salceda has been teaching for 12 years, including seven at the ROP and also as part-time ECE faculty at Las Positas College in Tracy. She was previously a student in both programs in which she currently teaches. Salceda believes that all students are unique and must have a stimulating and safe educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. She especially enjoys when students return to share achievements in their professional and personal lives.