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    Online Payment Portal Instructions

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    Online Payment Instructions for the Clear Administrative Services Credential Program

    ***Our program is currently full for the 2023-2024 school year.
     Thank you for your interest in ACOE's program.
    Candidates who are currently admitted into the program, please continue yo use the online payment portal.

    1. Go to ACOE's Portal at Heartland.

    2. Select "ACOE CA Administrative Services Credential (CASC)".

    3. Next, for "Type/FOR/Cause" select Select either "Application Fee", "Deposit" or "Tuition".

    Select CASC and Type

    5. Enter the corresponding amount in the "Amount" field and then click "Pay." 

    • Application Fee $100
    • Deposit $500
    • Tuition: Enter the amount requested in the email you receive.

    Amount and Pay

    6. Complete the credit card information on the pages that follow.

    The following actions may result in a card being declined:

    1. Auto-fill is used to enter credit card information. 
      If your card is denied, do not use auto-fill. Re-enter the information manually. 
    2. Using an address different than what is on file with the card issuer.
      Make sure that the address entered matches your last credit card statement. This is the most common error, often a result of old auto-fill information.
    3. Entering the incorrect CVV.
      Enter the CVV on your current card. It may have changed since you received a new card. If auto-fill is being used, an old CVV may get entered. 
    4. Using a debit card. For security reasons, debit cards may be declined. Please use a credit card. 


    Heartland Payment Services charges a 3% fee to process your payment, which they refer to as a "convenience fee." This fee goes directly to Heartland Payment Services. The total cost of the 2-year program with the convenience fees is $8189. See our Cost of Program page (also accessible from our home page) that describes the total cost of the program including the Heartland convenience fees. 

    The Heartland Payment System has security measures in place to ensure that there is a positive match between all information entered and the information on file with the bank that issues the card. If there are any discrepancies between the information entered and on file, the transaction will be declined.

    The Alameda County Office of Education's Clear Administrative Services Credential Program neither contacts Heartland to determine the cause of any declined transactions nor remediates issues related to them. In the event a transaction is declined, please review your information and re-enter it or try another credit card. Thank you.