• Policies


    The $500 tuition deposit is non-refundable. Candidates forfeit their deposit if they do not enroll in the program or withdraw from the program before completing it.

    Drop Policy

    A candidate may withdraw and receive a full tuition refund minus a $100 processing fee if their withdrawal occurs prior to the second week of a fall or spring term. After one week, a candidate is no longer eligible for a refund. A candidate who withdraws and wishes to continue in the program must request a deferral. 


    Candidates in Alameda County Office of Education’s Clear Administrative Services Credentialing Program are expected to enroll once registered. They are registered when they pay the deposit, and each time they complete a term until they have completed the program. If a candidate wishes to defer enrollment, they must request a deferment in writing. Only one deferment will be granted.

    Transfer Applicants 

    Candidates who wish to transfer from another Commission-approved preliminary administrative services credential program may do so at the discretion of ACOE. For the purposes of evaluating a prospective candidate’s progress, the applicant must provide an official transcript and a link to the course descriptions on the prior program’s website. The candidate will be considered to have completed one year of another Commission-approved program if the documentation clearly shows  that the candidate has completed:

    • At least 40 coaching hours and reflection
    • At least 20 professional development hours and reflection
    • Initial, formative, and benchmark assessments

    If the candidate has completed less than one year of another Commission-approved program, they will be admitted as a Year 1 candidate. If a candidate has demonstrated they have completed at least one year but less than two years, they will be admitted as a Year 2 candidate. If they have completed the entire two-year program of another Commission-approved program, they will not be admitted and will be directed to clear their credential through that institution.

     Expired Credentials 

    Individuals with an expired preliminary administrative services credential who have not been admitted to our program may submit an extension by appeal either directly with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing or with the assistance of our office. If an external candidate would like ACOE’s assistance with their appeal for extension, they will also need to apply as a transfer candidate to our CASC program. Before doing so, they must contact the program director who will evaluate the amount of progress the prospective candidate has made towards satisfying the clear requirements and whether there were extenuating circumstances that the Commission on Teacher Credentialing has identified as examples of good causes. As with all transfer students, both the non-refundable program fee and the tuition deposit will be required for admission into ACOE’s program. These payments are non-refundable irrespective of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s decision to grant an extension. 

    It is the responsibility of admitted candidates to be aware of the expiration date of their preliminary credential. If a candidate's credential is set to expire before the end of their two-year program, they should contact their district's human resource department and ACOE staff no less than 90 days in advance. 


    No one other than the employees of ACOE submits credential recommendations. Any individual who is making recommendations for credentials will always be a current employee of ACOE. All credential recommendations are made by the program director of credentials and are submitted by our credentials manager. 

    Coach Reassignment

    1. The candidate or coach communicates the pairing challenge to the program director.

    2. The program director meets individually with the candidate and coach and attempts to resolve pairing challenges by first understanding the context. 

    3. If the situation lends itself to resolution, a temporary plan is put in place that is acceptable to both parties. A follow-up session is scheduled to evaluate the success of the plan. 

    4. If no resolution can be identified, or if after the follow-up session, it is determined that the proposed solution is ineffective, the program director will arrange another pairing.

    Grievance and Appeal Process

    ACOE College of Education has established the following process to address grievances that may arise from participants in any of its College of Education programs. Before a grievance can be filed, the candidate must make every effort to communicate with the program director to resolve the issue.

    Should a candidate question prerequisites for program participation, program requirements, participation hours, special needs provision, anti-discrimination policy, program extension request rationale, demonstrating candidate competencies and/or denial of the designated subjects CTE or administrative services credential, the following process will be implemented:

    Step 1:
    Discuss concerns, informally, with the program director first.

    Step 2:
    Submit Complaint Form (“Complaint”), if concern is not resolved, to ACOE College of Education Administration office via this Online Complaint Form or US Mail using this Paper Complaint Form and mailing to: ACOE, College of Education, 313 W Winton AVE RM 274, Hayward, CA 94544.

    Step 3:
    The program director will review the Complaint. If necessary, the program director may request a meeting with the candidate, by phone or in person, to obtain clarification and/or further facts regarding the Complaint.

    Step 4:
    The program director will provide a determination in writing within ten business days after receiving the Complaint. 

    Step 5:
    If the candidate disagrees with the determination, he or she may appeal by submitting a written appeal to ACOE College of Education Administration office within 30 days of the program director’s decision. 

    Step 6:
    The Grievance and Appeal Evaluation (GAE) Team will convene, review any additional information, propose a resolution, and make a final decision within fourteen business days after receiving the Complaint from the program director. 

    Step 7:
    A final decision will be made and communicated in writing to the candidate from the GAE Team within ten business days following the Team meeting.