• Science Lead for Region 4

    As a subdivision of The California County Superintendents , The Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) initiates collaborative leadership with school districts, the CDE, and other partners to ensure programs, practices, and services that support success for all students. The committee identifies statewide curriculum and staff development needs, provides a communication and implementation network for curriculum and professional development activities, and assists the CDE in adopting and implementing instructional materials and developing publications such as curriculum frameworks.

    As the regional lead of the CISC Science Subcommittee, we commit to supporting teachers in implementing the Next Generation Science Standards to all students. We assist county offices by delivering information from the state to our districts, designing region wide professional developments and collaborating across counties.

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    A Blueprint for Action for Equitable Science Education: Initial Steps for Coordinated, Systemic Reform offers a starting point for systemic K–12 science education reform in California by identifying state-specific priorities for enacting equitable science education and providing a series of actions for implementation.

    Visit https://www.capmse.com/statewide-cops/science for more information.

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