• Policy and Governance

    The Policy and Governance Program:

    • Facilitates dynamic ACOE leadership in county, state, and federal policy arenas to equip the most vulnerable students, and the people who serve them, with the tools they need to thrive.
    • Supports effective governance to ensure equity and transparency.
    • Adopts an annual Legislative Platform to guide our advocacy and ACOE positions on proposed state legislation and budgetary requests. 

    Policy and Governance Program staff can track state bills for any ACOE department and provide updates on the progress of bills as they move through the state legislative or budgetary process.

    To have us track a state bill or create a report on state bills in a particular education-related area, please complete this form

    policy govThere are four key areas within the Policy and Governance program:

    • Policy Advocacy
    • Policy Analysis and Training
    • Board Governance
    • Legal Compliance

    Program Areas

    Through policy advocacy, analysis, and training, and in support of effective governance, the Policy & Governance Program strives to accomplish the goals listed below.

    Through policy advocacy we:

    • Move policies forward that support the vision and mission
    • Elevate ACOE's leadership in policy and practice advocacy 

    Through policy analysis and training, we:

    • Strengthen knowledge of policies affecting Board, COEs, districts
    • Increase advocacy capacity county-wide
    • Establish relationships with key state policymakers and education-focused advocacy organizations

    In support of effective Board governance, we:

    • Serve as liaison between trustees and ACOE and school district staff to provide the information the Board needs for its decision making
    • Develop meeting agendas and materials, and offer administrative and logistical assistance
    • Facilitate updates to Board policies and regulations
    • Oversee effective and fair appeals processes
    • Support County Committee on School District Organization

    In support of legal compliance, we:

    • Ensure Board alignment with Brown Act and other legal requirements
    • Ensure accurate Superintendent responses to Grand Jury reports, CPRA requests, and other legal matters

    Initiatives and Projects

    The Policy and Governance Program leads projects and initiatives in support of dynamic ACOE leadership in policy arenas and effective governance to ensure equity and transparency.

    Legislative Platform

    ACOE Policy Committee

    2023 Legislative Agenda

    Capacity-building Training

    Coordinated Policy Analysis

    Streamlined Appeals Process

    Support for Board Policy and Legislation Committee