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    Our Mathematics program provides strategic advising and professional learning experiences to educators in order to ensure that every single student, regardless of background or previous educational experience, attains high levels of mathematics achievement and is prepared for college, career, and community. Support services are provided at site-, district- and countywide levels and include workshops, brokering of resources, and providing resources and information to teachers and administrators.

    ACOE Mathematics aims to support High Quality Teaching and Learning that supports California Mathematics Frameworks and the Mathematics Common Core State Standards. 

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  • Our Core Values

    We believe…

    • The best learning experiences are those that anticipate and leverage student varied ways of thinking as an asset.
    • Access to and achievement in all math pathways should not be predictable based on a person’s race, socio-economic status, or language proficiency.
    • Student agency is essential for learning and it needs to be fostered, supported, and celebrated. 
    • Knowledge is co-constructed and socially negotiated, facilitated by a caring teacher who has a deep understanding of the mathematics they are teaching.
    • Racism and Inequity are products of the design of our educational systems. These systems can be redesigned to support student learning, agency, and identity.

    These core values were developed by math leaders across the state to articulate our shared vision for equity in mathematics instruction.  Please consider completing this feedback form to share your thoughts on these core value statements.

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    Michelle Lau
    Program Manager, Secondary Mathematics

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    Sara Green
    Program Manager,
    Elementary Mathematics
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