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    At a Glance

    Our Mathematics program provides strategic advising and professional learning experiences to educators in order to ensure that every single student, regardless of background or previous educational experience, attains high levels of mathematics achievement and is prepared for college, career, and community. Support services are provided at site-, district- and countywide levels and include workshops, brokering of resources, and providing resources and information to teachers and administrators. 

    What We Offer

    • Customized professional learning experiences at site-, district-, and county-wide levels in support of CA Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
    • Targeted Support for Districts
    • Featured Workshop Series:
      • Register Here: Series on Dismantling Inequity and Architecting Equity in Mathematics Education



    Looking at Mathematical Instructional Practices and Offering a Space for Critique, Design and Improvement to Better Support Students!

      •  2020-2021 Community of Practice for Math Leads and Educators in Alameda County!

    Math CoP 20-21



    • District/Administrators: Systematic applications of Mathematics CCSS, research focused to support specific subgroups in mathematics, standard sets for strong Math teaching, processional learning opportunities, and potential funding opportunities.  
    • For the Mathematics Teachers: A collection of resources that include CCSS resources, best Math pedagogical practices, quality instructional strategies, and practical classroom ideas. 

            ** New: Distance Learning Resources for Teachers for grades TK - 2, grades 3 - 5, grades 6-8, grades 9 - 12!**

    • Families: Access to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) revised for families, CCSS Math Pratcices translated in other languages, readings to support families in supporting Mathematical Learning for their children in the home, and links to organizations that help families and education.

            ** New: Distance Learning Resources for Families for students in TK-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12!**

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    Michelle Lau
    Program Manager, Mathematics
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