Maker Education

    The Meaning Maker Studio is an innovation space that connects the world of design, making and engineering with the instructional needs of Alameda County's teachers and learners.



    We believe that learning is at its most effective when we are unleashing creativity and curiosity when we are building and designing our own meanings when we have ownership of the experience.

    We also recognize the need for standards-alignment and meaningful core content integration that educators must ensure when designing learning experiences. Our mission is to make standards-based instruction more relevant and impactful through a constructionist approach to learning.

     What can you do in the Meaning Maker Studio?

    • Learn to use making tools and equipment
    • Learn how to automate your classroom with IoT devices and Web services
    • Bring your idea or project to life using our equipment
    • Build and program Lego Mindstorm robots
    • Learn and use Raspberry Pis and Arduinos, including sensors.
    • Create 3D models and print using 3D printer
    • Laser engrave or cut your design using our Lasercutter Learn basic electronics, including soldering, or work on your own electronics project
    • Make your own electronic notebook
    • Work on CNC router
    • Glue gun your own costume or art or engineering project
    • Learn to program in Scratch, Python w/ Minecraft, and more
    • Make a garment or jewelry electronic with conductive thread and LEDs
    • Participate in a design challenge
    • Learn how making can be incorporated into your curriculum
    • Learn to use 3D modeling tools using Autodesk software
    • Meet other makers and maker educators
  • Contact

    Dawn O'Connor
    Director of STEM
    Director, Science Partnership
    (510) 670-4189