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    The Core Learning Department at the ACOE has strengthened the foundation and provides support in building, expanding, and implementing an interconnected early learning system that supports PreK-3rd grade coherence

    Our early learning vision and strategies includes guiding Alameda County early learning leaders in further developing, and for other districts, launching a cohesive early learning system that contributes to narrowing the achievement gap of our youngest learners.  Our vision is that every district is prepared to provide quality programming, curriculum, and activities so that children thrive during the pre-kindergarten to transitional kindergarten/kindergarten years. We support cross-grade level and cross-sector events that formalizes decision-making roles and responsibilities; and through a strategic plan grounded in evidence-based practice, we work to address the achievement gap and improve outcomes for our youngest learners. 

    In the 2020-21 school year, we continue to provide leadership representation, advocate for equitable, sound classroom practices, and host and facilitate virtual, and when we are able, in-person professional learning opportunities to bring our vision closer to fruition. 

    Early Learning also supports and includes representation at the local, regional and state level for those serving the 0-5 population through the Quality Rating Improvement System know as Quality Counts

    ACOE's District Design Teams is a funded strategy comprised of district administrators, preschool and elementary principals, program directors, coaches, teachers, and parents. District Design Teams meet monthly to utilize data from sources such as kindergarten readiness assessments, Smarter Balanced assessment, and the other tools in order to design, develop, and deliver goals, strategies, and implementation plans to interrupt gaps in achievement and thereby change outcomes for our earliest learners.

    Our professional development opportunities are posted on Eventbrite.com.  A sampling of offerings includes:

    • *Virtual cohort for coaches and teacher participants. Advanced inclusion strategies utilizing Universal Design for Learning and grounded in the California Foundations and Frameworks
    • Inclusion: building upon last school year's introducatory to inclusion strategies, we will offer an advanced Inclusion Works! cohort series in understanding and implementing the California Foundations and Frameworks.
    • Several professional learning opportunities focused on children with special needs
    • Supporting and Implementing Authentic Family Partnerships 
    • Supporting Dual Language Learners
    • Early Learning Mathematics  

    *New, in 20-21, The Early Learning Advanced Educator and Coaching series offers coaching supports to Alameda County coaches focused on inclusionary practices in the classroom. This five-part series of professional learning for preschool and transitional kindergarten coaches and TOSAs will aim to identify, explore, and develop teaching strategies related to quality inclusionary practice. Utilizing research-based tools we will understand why and how inclusion benefits all children, prepare and practice strength-based approaches to support intentional and effective learning, and explore and address potential concerns raised in more traditional classrooms. 

    In 2021, we will offer a series on the anti-racist, anti-biased educator. Stay tuned for more information.


    Please contact ACOE's Early Learning Program Director, Neva Bandelow (nbandelow@acoe.org) for further information.


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