• Project EAT
    (Educate, Act, Thrive)

    Project EAT Project EAT provides nutrition education through youth internships, classroom curriculum, professional development, and community engagement.

    Project EAT’s mission is to grow healthy communities. We partner with over 30 public schools in Alameda County serving over 20,000 K-12 students through innovative garden-based education, nutrition education, youth leadership, and physical activity programs. We also provide professional development and curricular tools to teachers and after-school providers.

    Project EAT creates paid internship opportunities for high school students to connect their education to job opportunities, strengthen their academic skills, and encourage healthy bodies and outlooks.

    For over a decade, we have cultivated the growth of garden-based nutrition and physical education programs in Alameda County. Our goal is to activate students, families, and schools to create healthy changes for the future.



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