• Program Overview

    Admissions Requirements

    State Requirements

    • Possess either a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or Certificate of Eligibility
    • Verification of employment in an administrative position for 2024-2025 school year.

    Program Requirements

    • Strong cultural competency
    • Commitment to work in districts in the Bay Area needing added support for the duration of the 2-year program

    Requirements for the Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC)

    • Possess a valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential 
    • Verify a minimum of two years of successful experience in a full-time administrative position in a California public school, nonpublic school, or private school of equivalent status, while holding the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.
    • Complete a Commission-approved Administrative Services induction program and obtain the program sponsor’s recommendation for the credential. Enrollment in a clear administrative induction program is expected upon placement in an administrative position but must occur no later than one year from activation of the preliminary credential.

    Our 2-Year CASC Program

    Develop performance goals as part of an annual Individual Induction Plan (IIP). The IIP is grounded in the outcomes of the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs) that consider both employer priorities and individual job responsibilities. Our program places a focus on Essential Learning Priorities aligned to the CPSELs.

    Participate in a combination of one-one-one and group coaching activities for a minimum of 40 hours per year. The coaching is job-embedded with a common focus of developing leadership competency. 

    Professional Development
    Engage in 20-30 hours of professional development per year designed to support the application and demonstration of program competency outcomes articulated in the CPSELs.

    Engage in initial, formative, benchmark, and summative assessments demonstrating a level of competence in the CPSELs meriting possession of a Clear Administrative Services Credential. As part of the summative assessment, candidates provide a presentation demonstrating how they have demonstrated competency in the CPSELs.

    3 Steps to Apply