• Submit your application materials.

    Your application must include:


    • The ACOE application form.
    • Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s application Form 41-4.
    • Proof of high school diploma.
    • Work verification letter(s).


    Application Form

    Option A: Paper Form via US Mail


    Here is the link to the paper application packet. It also can be found on our website. It includes the commitment to satisfy all requirements, release of information, and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s Form 41-4. Complete all of the forms and print themout. Then, in one envelope include the forms your work verification letter(s) and your proof of high school graduation. Mail them to the following address:


    Career Technical Education ACOE

    313 W. Winton AV RM 274

    Hayward, CA 94544

    Option B: Online Google Form

    Here is the link to the Google Form. The link can also be found on our website. You will needto have your work verification letter(s) and your completed Form 41-4 saved on your computer when you apply using the Google Form, because you will be uploading them at that time. The proof of high school diploma must be sent separately. See the instructions regarding proof of high school diploma below.


    Instructions for Completing Form 41-4

    Link to 41-4

    Section 1:

    Complete the fields with a red rectangle in Section 1. If you are sending this form via Google Form, leave the social security number field blank.

    Section 2:

    Select “New Credential/Permit”


    Section 3:

    Select “Career Technical (CTE)”

    Section 4:

    Select “CTE Industry Sector” and choose your industry sector from the dropdown menu. If youare applying for more than one authorization you will add them in a later section.

    Section 5:

    Leave blank.


    Section 6:

    Answer “Yes” or “No” to all questions. Heed the instructions. Failure to report criminal conduct of any kind occurring in the past will result in a rejection of an application.

    Section 7:

    Acknowledge the mandated reporting information and select “I agree.”

    Section 8:

    Leave blank.


    Section 9:

    Enter date, city, date, and sign the affidavit. If you have an additional industry sector you wish to apply for, write it in the “Comments/Additional Subjects Requests” field.

    High School Diploma

    We strongly encourage you to use a post-secondary transcript as proof of high school diploma. College transcripts are easy to obtain, are replaceable, and can be used to evaluate industry-related credits if needed. Here are all the forms of proof of high school diploma that are accepted:


      • Post-secondary transcript sent from the college either by mail or a secure digital transcript service.
      • A high school diploma
      • A diploma based on the passage of the GED Test.
      • Foreign equivalent of a high school diploma (see Foreign Transcript Evaluators)

    The mailing address is: Career Technical Education, ACOE, 313 W. Winton AV RM 274, Hayward, CA 94544. The email address for secure digital transcripts from a college is cte@acoe.org. Please send a courtesy email to the program director informing them that a digital transcript will be arriving.


    Work Verification Letters

    See What are the Commission's requirements for the preliminary CTE credential? in our Program Overview to determine what amounts of part time and/or full time work fulfill the recent industry work requirement and what combination of industry work equivalencies fulfill the overall 3-year requirement. 

    Please contact us at cte@acoe.org if you have any questions about what is required regarding these requirements before you apply. Incomplete letters lead to delays in the application process. 


    The work verification letter(s) must contain certain items. If any items are missing the letter will be unacceptable. The letter(s) must contain:


    • Employer’s name, address, and telephone number
    • The working relationship of the person signing the verification to the applicant
    • Beginning and ending dates of employment
    • Complete description of duties
    • A statement as to whether the employment was full time or part time

    (If employment was less than full time, an accounting of the number of hours the applicant was employed part-time is required.)


    If you were an employee or worked as a volunteer then you only need a letter from an employer. If you were self-employed or if your experience was avocational, verification shall include a notarized statement, signed by you under penalty of perjury, detailing the information described above. Additionally, that work experience must be further substantiated, in writing, by other person(s) having first-hand knowledge of your self- employment or avocation, such as your accountant, major supplier of goods, or major user of goods or services.


    Ask the people providing their verification letter to use the format on the templates that follow. If the letter follows the template, it will include all of the required items. Make sure the people who write the letters use their letterhead and sign them. 


    Work Experience Verification Letter from Employer



    Work Experience Verification Letter for Self-employment



    Work Experience Verification Letter for Person with First-hand Knowledge of Your Self-employment