• English Learner Program

    The English Learner Program helps limited English proficient students develop full proficiency in English, and to meet the same state academic standards as all other students.

    ACOE teachers are Crosscultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) certified to provide the sheltered English immersion programs specified in the Board policy. The instructional staff actively monitor each English Learner's academic progress. After collecting work samples and collaborating with teachers regarding student progress towards meeting district reclassification criteria, the English Learner Teacher on Special Assignment convenes a parent meeting for feedback from parents/guardians and then determines if students have met ACOE Redesignation Criteria as fluent English Proficient speakers. Instructional staff continue to monitor reclassified students for two subsequent years and thereby providing necessary interventions as deemed necessary.

    Student Programs and Services Division (SPaS) of ACOE developed the EL Master Plan and the Procedural Handbook for English Learners as a framework for the implementation of instructional programs to support English Learners.

    The components of the Master Plan are aligned with the California Department of Education's Coordinated Compliance Review items, and adjusted to reflect the unique circumstances of ACOE student programs, which differ substantially from district and school settings.


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