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  • Board Responsibilities

    In accordance with the California Education Code and other regulations and laws, the Alameda County Board of Education serves as the governing board for the schools and student services and programs operated by the County Superintendent of Schools. The Board also:

    • Approves policies, regulations, and curriculum for the schools and educational programs operated by the County Superintendent of Schools.
    • Adopts rules and regulations governing the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools.
    • Approves the annual budget of the County Superintendent of Schools and sets the Superintendent’s salary.
    • Receives the annual audit.
    • Maintains an awareness of financial conditions and operations of school districts in the county.
    • Approves the purchase or lease of property for County Office programs.
    • Acts as the County Committee on School District Organization which reviews changes in school district boundaries and trustee areas.
    • Serves as an appeal board for the adjudication of expulsion appeals, interdistrict attendance appeals, and Charter Schools.
    • Advocates on behalf of education on the local, county, state and national level.
    • Informs local communities about the programs and achievements of the County Office of Education.

    Board Organization

    The Alameda County Board of Education consists of seven members, each elected from a different area of the county. Board members are elected for four-year terms and must be registered voters in their respective areas. A president and a vice-president are elected by the Board at its annual reorganization meeting in July.

    A quorum of four members is required to conduct official business.