• Expulsion Appeals

    One of the responsibilities of the Alameda County Board of Education is to hear expulsion appeals from districts under its jurisdiction. The Board is committed to fair deliberations. Alameda County parents and guardians need to understand their right to appeal a student expulsion.

    If your child is being expelled and you want to challenge that decision, you can ask the Alameda County Board of Education to determine whether you and your child received a fair hearing from your local school board.

    Printed versions of the handbook and related forms are available at the Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton Ave. in Hayward. If you have questions or need assistance, contact ACOE's Director of Policy and Governance, Lucy Salcido Carter at (510) 670-4168 or lcarter@acoe.org.

    You are not required to have a lawyer/advocate for the expulsion process but you can choose to have someone help with your case. Some parents/guardians seek the help of a lawyer/advocate if they do not understand the expulsion process, have limited English language skills, and/or have difficulty expressing themselves in front of a group.