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Taste of the Season: Cherries!

  • by Debbie Jelincic, Community Outreach Specialist


    The transition from spring into the long days of summer means that cherry season has arrived! Several varieties can be found in markets, such as Bing, Rainier, Burlat and Brooks. Did you know cherries help lower blood pressure? Being high in potassium and vitamin C, add some extra sweetness to your lunch, salad, pizza, and salsa. Cherries make for a simple and delicious dessert.

    • When selecting cherries, choose those that are firm, plump, and without blemishes. The color will be dark red or yellow-red. The darkest ones have the sweetest taste.
    • Cherries should be stored unwashed in the refrigerator to help protect their texture and flavor. Enjoy them within two to four days.
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