NGSS Tools and Resources

  • Science Partnership Resources

    Science Partnership

    Cal State East Bay

    Curriculum resources created through Science Partnership Professional Development workshops. Comes with teacher background, phenomena-based activities, and student activities. 

    • Teach Earth Science - Earth Science Professor, Dr. Jeff Seitz 
    • Teach Life Science (Coming Soon)
    • Teach Physical Science (Coming Soon)

    Instructional Cases

    The Instructional Cases (ICs) are a series of lessons that focus on key science concepts that integrate NGSS and CCSS to improve student learning. Click the Materials Box Check-Out Page to explore ICs that have an accompanying set of materials. The lessons in the ICs provide teachers access to familiar content standards while experimenting with instructional strategies that are more closely aligned to NGSS.

    The ICs can be used as lessons that support the completion of the modules, lesson study cycles, or as tools to demonstrate the supports and structures needed for administrators and colleagues when considering the shifts within NGSS. Remember that the lessons within the IC support the students’ progression towards the NGSS performance expectation. No single lesson can build students’ capacity to meet the expectations of an individual PE. 

    IC Components:

    • Overview
    • Unit Timeline
    • Teacher Background (written by CSUEB faculty)
    • Lesson (approximately between 4-7 lessons)
    • Student Activity Sheets

    For access to any of the Instructional cases, please fill out the form below or click this form and allow 48 hours for us to grant you access. Once ypu have access, you will be able to see the documents below on this page.