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    California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN) Trainings: Foundations and Frameworks

    In 2019-20, we will once again offer monthly introductory sessions with  our CPIN partners on the Califorinia Foundations and Frameworks. Our target audience is preschool, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten teachers, teacher assistants, para-professionals, coaches and administrators. The sessions are offered in the late afternoon/evening, from 4-7:30pm. Dinner is provided. There is no charge to participants (Alameda County workforce).  Visit our Eventbrite page to register and for more information.

    Register Here: CPIN Foundations & Frameworks

    We are also offering an advanced CPIN series based on the CA Foundations and Framworks and Universal Design for Learning.  Our target audience is preschool, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten teachers, para-professionals and administrators who have a strong knowledge of the CA Foundations and Frameworks (including those who participated in our training series last year) and wish to advance their implementation through a strong inclusion lens.

    Register Here: CPIN Inclusion

    Coaching Supports: ACOE will provide a series of coaching supports focused on inclusionary practices. 

    These sessions will focus on:

    • Including children with special rights
    • Strategizing: Traditional vs. Inclusionary Classrooms
    • Implementing an Inclusionary Check List
    • Practice Based Coaching Utilzing Scenarios to implement a Quality Inclusionary Classroom
    • Collaborating for Inclusion and Lessons Learned.

    Target Audience: PreK, TK and K coaches and TOSAs. ELCC Register Here


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