• English Learner Progress Indicator (ELPI) & Assessment Information

    What Does the Transition to ELPAC Look Like? What are the Implications?

    ELPAC Transition

    • Timeline with timeframes for assessment 
      • 2017-2018: Initial Assessment (CELDT), Summative Assessment (ELPAC)
      • 2018-2019: Initial Assessment (ELPAC), Summative Assessment (ELPAC) - the ELPAC will be fully operational 
    • ELPAC Updates from CDE

    What Task Types are on the ELPAC?

    ELPAC Parent Resources


    Changes to the English Learner Progress Indicator (ELPI)

    • ELPI Updates from CDE
      • Note: LTEL CELDT Test Takers Who Increased at Least 1 CELDT Level (in black, below) are now an additional group in the numerator
        • This group is included in the first group, Annual CELDT Test Takers Who Increased at least 1 CELDT Level

    ELPI Formula - Updated

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