Stress in School

  • By HouJie Deng

    What is stress?
    Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

    1. It’s what gives you or other people pressure
    2. It’s forcing yourself or your body to do something
    3. It’s things that gets you anxious
    4. It’s things that you are worried about
    5. It’s things that you hate doing
    6. Something that your bad habits/something that you like to do causes
    7. Dealing with something that you don’t want to deal with

    What can give you stress?
    There are many ways to get stressed, for example:

    1. Your work/job
    2. Your classwork/ homework
    3. Working for long hours
    4. Not enough food to eat
    5. When you don’t know what to do
    6. Don’t have enough money to buy things you need/want
    7. Being unhappy towards something
    8. Facing socially hated from others because of your sex, religion, things that you do/like, etc.

    What happens when you get stressed?

    1. Sleep during class/work
    2. You might get a headache
    3. Can’t focus on what you’re doing
    4. Can’t sleep well
    5. Your heart beats faster
    6. Cramps
    7. You get mad/sad
    8. Skin problems
    9. Your grades might drop
    10. Skip a meal
    11. Gain/lose weight
    12. Depression
    13. Suicidal thoughts
    14. Loss of possessions

    What can you do when you’re stressing?

    1. Ask a teacher/a friend/ an O-High staff/someone in the Wellness Center for help
    2. Take a break from what you are stressing from
    3. Take deep breathes
    4. Take a short nap
    5. Sleep earlier
    6. Keep track of your time and determine what’s best for you before you do anything else
    7. Think of what’s causing you to stress, why, and come up with a way of how to prevent it, and try not to do the same thing to get yourself stressed again over the same problem
    8. Change up your lifestyle, think of what you should do in the first place before you do something not so important
    9. Read a book
    10. Do some exercises
    11. Make a goal for yourself

    Self Experience
    Stress is a really common thing in my life, especially in school. It happens everyday, stressing over things I don’t know, too much homework, hungry and nothing good to eat, etc. I hate stressing, but it’s pretty hard to prevent it for me because I made it stressful.

    I pay attention in class, trying my best in learning and understanding. I get the stuff that was taught or get most of it, but when homework was passed out to me, I would examine the paper, trying to find something on there that I might not know. But I find nothing, so I won't be stressing at home. But, I was wrong, it's harder than I thought I didn't know how to do some of the problems,  it's harder than the ones that my teacher taught me, I'm starting to struggle.

    I do the ones I know how to do, and leave the ones that's hard for later. After I finished the hard ones, I start to go on Google, searching up for examples or words I don't know and try figure out how to do it. It usually helps me, but if it doesn't, I count on my friends, I ask them if they know how to do it, even if
    makes me look dumb, I would still ask, because it's for my own good. It's sometimes hopeless because it takes them more time to answer me, so I would ask the teacher the next day for help before class.

    It isn't easy to wake up early in the morning for school, so I usually have more than one alarm, but that doesn't help because I keep snoozing the alarm or turning it off. I tried to sleep early, but the amount of homework I have and the time of my breaks I take affects the time I sleep, also having a baby brother at home disturbing me is a mess. Getting in trouble for not watching him and shutting him out because he's disturbing me doing my homework, stresses me out. I don't know what to do, watch my brother or shut him out of the room and get in trouble but get my homework done? It's a hard decision, but I have to deal with it and do both.

    Stress is hard to deal with especially when you don't know what to do. I normally ask my friends/teachers/mentors for help, or go on Google. I hate stress, stress stresses me out. It makes me sleep less, no time for extracurriculars, less communication with my family and friends, it's a bad thing that I'm trying to get rid of and I will take step by step to solve it.

    note paper with notes regarding stress