Our Values and Goals

  • Mission

    To provide, promote, and support leadership and service to ensure the success of every child, in every school, every day.


    As a seamless unit, we lead, problem-solve, and innovate. We believe in our ability and responsibility to address the pervasive issues obstructing the well-being of all students in Alameda county without regard to what their social condition may indicate about their chances for success. We set uncommonly high educational goals for all students and commit to equip the most vulnerable students and those that serve them with the tools to thrive. Our work serves as a model of social justice in action to erase the predetermination of failure for children from communities of violence and poverty.


    We are committed to our mission and vision by becoming a thriving learning organization that is committed to employing a high level of service to students, staff, and stakeholders built on these foundational values:

    • Stand Up for Justice
    • Stand Out in Excellence
    • Stand Together in Partnership


    We are FACEing forward, embracing the key qualities of our learning organization:

    • Flexible - Adaptable and responsive to change
    • Accountable - Measuring what matters
    • Collaborative - Working together on complex issues
    • Empowered - Confident, capable leadership


    • Provide educators with the knowledge and resources to develop their craft.
    • Promote students to pathways to success from preschool to college and career.
    • Support districts and schools to be visionary, responsible, committed stewards of the public trust to educate.