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    Welcome to our  TUPE Curriculum (Project ALERT, TND and Stanford Tobacco Toolkit) resource page. Below you will find our online curriculum blogspots for both Project ALERT and TND, equipped with every lesson ready for you to use. You will also find an online version of the curriculum's pre and post surveys.

    Project ALERT is a classroom-based substance abuse prevention program for 6-8 graders that’s proven to reduce the experimental and continued use of drugs. Through a series of comprehensive lessons, Project ALERT motivates students against drug use, cultivates new non-use attitudes and beliefs, and equips teens with the skills and strategies they’ll use to resist drugs. Project ALERT is proven to:

    • Motivate students against drug use
    • Provide skills and strategies to resist drugs
    • Establish new non-use attitudes and beliefs

    Project TND is an effective, interactive classroom-based substance abuse prevention program that is based on more than two decades of successful research at the University of Southern California. Project TND focuses on three factors that predict tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use, violence-related behaviors, and other problem behaviors among youth, including:

    • Motivation factors (i.e., students’ attitudes, beliefs, expectations, and desires regarding drug use)
    • Skills (effective communication, social self-control, and coping skills)
    • Decision-making (i.e., how to make decisions that lead to health-promoting behaviors) 

    Stanford Tobacco Toolkit This is a suggested 5-session curriculum that should be taught over a 5 day or 5 period course with 50 minute sessions once a week, consecutively, or multiple sessions per day depending on the need.  Educators are provided with teacher focused crash courses, PowerPoint presentations and activities.


    For questions regarding future training dates, please contact Cecilia Apley at capley@acoe.org, or (510) 670-4185.