• Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC)

    ERWC is a curriculum written by CSU faculty, high school teachers, and school administrators to better prepare twelfth grade students for the rigor of college writing. It focuses on rhetorical writing strategies with a focus on expository texts and authentic writing tasks. (For more information, click here).


    In an effort to support the greater Bay Area in preparing students for college, the Alameda County Office of Education proudly serves as the Region IV ERWC lead. We support seven counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Solano, San Francisco, and San Mateo in certifying 12th grade teachers to teach this course, as well as all other secondary-level teachers in implementing modules that are aligned to ERWC. We also offer trainings for teachers who would like a refresher and updates on the curriculum.

    BY FALL 2020, ALL SCHOOLS OFFERING ERWC MUST OFFER THE 3.0 VERSION OF THIS COURSE. All of our offerings beginning in August 2019 will be of the 3.0 modules. By FAll 2020, all high school ERWC teachers must be enrolled in either an introductory high school series or update series to be in compliance! (Please see this letter sent from the CSU Office of the Chancellor to high school principals for more information.)

    Please view our 2019-2020 offerings below:

    ***12th grade teachers attending either a high school series or an update course must attend all training days in their entirety to be certified to teach ERWC.

    Wondering how the Expository Reading and Writing Course helps 12th graders in their first year at a CSU?

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