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    Beginning in Spring 2016 the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) goal was to support the convening of Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) bringing various education stakeholders together for an ongoing exchange of knowledge and capacity building. Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) brings various education stakeholders e.g. District Family Engagement Administrators, Behavorial Supports Adminstrators, Directors of Student Services, etc.  together for an ongoing exchange of knowledge and capacity building. Participants learn from each other about ways to implement continous improvement programs with a focus on Racial Equity, Social Justice and Whole Child approach to improve student outcomes. The Alameda COE PLN is part of a statewide inititaitve supported by the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) currently supports 57 PLNs throughout California.

    Within the Professional Learning Network (PLN), district administrators representing Family Engagement,Behavioral Support and Student Services programs and inititiatives engaging in tailored professional development, coaching and differentiated technical assistance that is culturally responsive, transforming people, programs and practices. The network serves as a model for how the collective ownership of participants can transform educational systems from unilateral transactional spaces into collaborative spaces of partnership.

    Theory of Action

    The Professional Learning Network (PLN) Theory of Action (ToA) for family and community engagement starts with meaningful collaboration between district and school teams that is rooted firmly in racial equity and social justice examining programs, practices and policies in relation to the Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP).

     District administrators engaged in PLN

    Learn more about Professional Learning Networks (PLN) by listening to Episode 10 https://www.ccee-ca.org/podcasts-ca-school-field-trip.asp

  • Professional Learning Network Calendar

    Sept. 14 2018 - Room L2
    Oct. 11 2018 - Room L3
    Nov. 8 2018 - Room L3
    Dec. 6 2018 - Room 142
    Jan. 11 2019 - Room L3
    Feb. 7 2019 - Room L3
    March 14 2019 - Room 142
    April 11 2019 - Room 142
    May 9 2019 - Room L3

    June 6 2019-Room 142

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