• Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

    Universal Design for Learning is the idea that we offer students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning while accommodating for differences in learning styles. By focusing on the three UDL principles (Engagement, Representation, Action & Expression), we can support all of our students towards become more independent learners. Click on each of the nine guidelines below to learn about UDL resources you can use with your students.

    Engagement Representation Action and Expression

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    “The UDL Guidelines.” CAST, Inc., 2018.

    Wondering how to design a UDL lesson? Check out "Guidance for Designing a UDL Lesson" by Dr. Katie Novak.

    MTSS Implementation

    Want to support UDL implementation for ELA within the context of your MTSS structure? North Carolina has a fantastic, linked document called ELA within MTSS

    Support your English Language Learners Succeed with a Multi-tiered System of Support with resources from this great resource from ¡Colorín Colorado!

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