• Find Out Who Your Alameda County Board of Education Trustee Is


    Please follow these steps to find out:

    1. Visit Alameda County's District Look Up web page
    2. Input your information: house number, street name, street type, city
    3. Click search
    4. Your Board of Education Trustee Area is listed under current districts (on the right hand side), second row
      • It will be shown as: # TRUSTEE AREA, BD OF ED


    Alameda County Board of Education Trustees

    Trustee Joaquin J. Rivera
    Joaquín J. Rivera

    Area 1 • Elected 2010
    Term expires 2022
    Trustee Angela Normand
    Angela Normand

    Area 2 • Elected 2020
    Term expires 2024
    Trustee Ken Berrick
    Ken Berrick

    Area 3 • Elected 2008
    Term expires 2024
    Trustee Aisha Knowles
    Aisha Knowles

    Area 4 • Elected 2012
    Term expires 2022
    Trustee Janevette Cole
    Janevette Cole

    Area 5 • Elected 2020
    Term expires 2024
    Trustee Eileen McDonald
    Eileen McDonald

    Area 6 • Elected 2004
    Term expires 2024
    Trustee Yvonne Cerrato
    Yvonne Cerrato

    Area 7 • Elected 2002
    Term expires 2022
  • Contact Board of Education

    Ruth Jones
    Director III,
    Office of the Superintendent
    (510) 670-4257

    Christy Baker
    Administrative Assistant
    to the Board of Education
    (510) 670-4145