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    Initial Institutional Approval Process

    Stage II: Eligibility Requirements

    Supporting Documents

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    Ingrid Roberson Ingrid Roberson
    Unit Head, College of Education;
    Chief of Learning & Accountability
    (510) 670-4201
    Christine Boynton Christine Boynton, Ed.D.
    Program Director, Career Technical Education Credential Progam;
    Exec. Director, College & Career Pathways
    (510) 670-4544
    Derek Gorshow Derek Gorshow, MS
    Program Manager, Pathways to College and Career
    (510) 670-7713
    Rachelle Rogers-Ard Rachelle
    Rogers-Ard, Ed.D.

    Program Director, Clear Administrative Credential Program; Executive Director of People, Leadership and Development
    (510) 670-4223