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    ACOE’s College of Education will be offering an online CTE educator preparation program in fall 2020. 

    Career Technical Education is a program of study at the middle and/or high school level that involves a multiyear sequence of courses integrating core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge.

    There are 15 CTE subject areas called industry sectors and within those sectors there are over 70 areas of specialization called pathways. Teachers holding a CTE teaching credential are authorized to teach courses that fall within the industry sector on their credential.

    Some people have industry experience but little or no teaching experience. Others have teaching experience with some industry experience. While still others have large body of industry and teaching experience. If any of those descriptions sound like you, and you are interested in teaching about a specific industry, strongly consider earning a Career Technical Education teaching credential.

    The College of Education CTE program will guide you through the process of applying to gain your Preliminary Credential, which depending upon your past experience you may already qualify for. 

    We have received provisional approval from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to offer a Career Technical Education Credentialing program. We will be accepting applications spring 2020 for fall enrollment. Please complete the interest form to get updates on the exact date of when applications will be accepted.

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