• History-Social Science
    & Civic Engagement

    ACOE's History-Social Science and Civic Engagement program seeks to promote deeper, inquiry-based teaching and learning in History-Social Science, and to help prepare K-12 students for active civic engagement in our diverse, increasingly complex society.  To do so, we provide support for districts and schools implementing California's new History-Social Science Framework, and facilitate the County's well established History Day, and Mock Trial programs.  Here are a set of useful Instructional Resources. 

    NEW! History-Social Science Professional Learning Series

    ACOE will be hosting a History-Social Science Professional Learning Series this Fall (2021).  Join us as we explore, share and discuss ways to make our History-Social Science teaching and learning as vibrant as possible.  All H-SS teachers in Alameda County are invited to attend.

    Click here to download this flier.  And click here to register for the series.

    History-Social Science Professional Learning Series

    MLK marching from Selma

    Civic Engagement: Voting! 

    There are several great opportunities for schools in Alameda County to engage students in civic learning activities specifically related to voting.  


    Featured Distance Learning Resource!

    Free and flexible Resources to Teach the History-Social Science Framework from UC Berkeley's History-Social Science Project 

    On this website you will discover classroom-ready resources to help teach California's History-Social Science Framework. Inquiry sets include curated collections of primary sources, teacher and student notes, activities, and other tools that will help guide you through a research-based approach to improving student reading, writing, and critical thinking.

    Teaching California: Bringing Archives into the Classroom


    "The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are...History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again." --Maya Angelou

  • Distance Learning Resources!

    Click here for a curated set of resources designed to assist History-Social Science teachers in providing high quality learning experiences for their students while schools are closed for the Covid 19 shelter-in-place.  Resources include

    1. Guiding Frameworks

    2. Fully Developed Digital Lesson Plans

    3. Useful Instructional Resources