• Equity and Social Justice Through Mathematics


    Common Core State Standards 

    Curriculum Design

    • CA Framework: “The purpose of this framework is to guide the curriculum development and instruction that teachers provide in their efforts to ensure that all students meet or exceed the CA CCSSM. The framework provides a context for implementing the standards in the form of guidelines for educators and developers of instructional materials. Building on the standards, the framework addresses how all students in California public schools can best meet the standards.”
    •  Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Course Placement and Sequence: From the CA Mathematics Framework, this is a guide to help proper student placement in a supportive Mathematics sequence.  

    • Higher Mathematics Pathways Standards Chart: From the CA Mathematics Framework, this is a chart that organizes standards to corresponding Higher Mathematical Pathways.



    • Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Visit the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium page for the latest assessment news and resources.
    • SBA Content Specifications (Claims - Targets - Standards Alignment)
    • Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (UC San Diego) MDTP diagnostic tests are used by teachers to inform and enhance their classroom teaching practices; departments and schools use MDTP diagnostic tests to collectively shape instruction, assessment, support and intervention, and policy
    • CAASPP CAASPP contains California’s Smarter Balanced Assessment practice and training tests to help students become familiar with the question types and technology platform.


    Data Use

    • Understanding Proficiency This site provides resources for analyzing student work on performance tasks. Resources include videos on scoring calibration and examples of scored (and annotated) student responses.


    Other Teaching Resources